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Top 7 Tips to Manage Social Anxiety This Holiday Season

Holiday parties, work parties and family commitments can really be stressful for people who have social anxiety. Under normal circumstances an anxious person might be able to come up with some excuses as to why they cannot attend a party or social gathering, but when it comes to the holiday season this can be even…

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Just Breathe – Breathing Exercises to Feel More Resilient and Relaxed When Feeling Overwhelmed 

Deep Belly Breathing Practicing deep belly breathing is one of the most effective ways to help calm down the mind and body.  To get an idea about what deep belly breathing looks like, I want you to place one hand under your belly button and the other hand on your chest. Now imagine that your…

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3 Myths and 2 Truths – Why is Self-Care So Hard and How Can I Overcome It?

Self-care is something we hear about often.  We hear that adding in a self-care practice is important for our overall well-being.  So then why is it so hard to actually get the ball rolling on taking care of our needs? Self-care may sound good in theory, but to actually implement it is an entirely different…

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Two Common Meditation Myths and What you Can Do To Overcome Them

Stress & Pain – Sept 2016–Meditation There are so many studies showing the positive effects of meditation such as improved sleep, reduced blood pressure and greater focus to name a few. Even though we are aware of these benefits, it seems to be hard to actually implement this practice.  Why is this?  Well for many,…

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7 Helpful Steps To Reduce Pain Symptoms Without Medication (Part 2)

Step 4 Keep a regular sleep schedule   Our bodies like routine and respond well when we stick to a schedule.  This is especially true when we are able to stick to a regular sleep schedule.  When we do this, our body intuitively knows when to go to sleep and when to wake up in…

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7 Helpful Steps To Reduce Physical Pain Symptoms Without Medication (Part 1)

Living life with a high levels of physical pain is something many people experience.  I deal with chronic pain and know how much it can interfere with daily life.  It is my hope that the approaches shared here will provide options to those who dealing with persistent physical pain.  Common complaints include headaches, backaches or a combination…

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