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Secondary Trauma and Its Impact on Caregivers

Are you familiar with the term secondary trauma? Chances are that this is the first time you are hearing about it, so let me give you a brief description of what this phrase actually means. Definition of Secondary Trauma Secondary trauma is defined as experiencing, hearing about, or being witness to life threatening or life-changing…

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Mindfulness in Times of Uncertainty

When life becomes too overwhelming, it can be easy to lose focus on how we can cope. Luckily, mindfulness can help make these difficult life situations more manageable.  It comes down to approaching challenges one step at a time. Read the post >

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Why Some Stay Silent about their Medical Illness & Pain

Experiencing life when you have chronic pain and illness can be difficult when it comes to maintaining relationships.  If you developed your illness as an adult for instance, adjusting to your new normal also means having to make big life adjustments.  Making adjustments due to medical illness was something I did, and it was hard.…

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Body Scanning: Learning how to reduce anxiety and improve resiliency

When experiencing uncomfortable sensations in the body what do you do?  Do you ignore them?  Do you try and distract yourself from what you are feeling?  Or do you stop and sit still to understand what is going on within yourself? Most of the time it is hard to stop and take a moment to…

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Feeling the Summer Blues and How to Cope

Experiencing the blues over the summer may be surprising to hear, but it does happen to many of us.  Here will will explore some reasons why you may be feeling blue and what you can do to cope. Blame the blues on the extra daylight Some people experience Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) during the summer. …

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How To Survive and Thrive During the Holidays – Holiday Stress Edition

How can you we get through the holidays more stress free? This can seem like an impossible task, but by exploring some ideas shared here you will see that it is possible.  After all, the holidays are not just about running around trying to please everyone.  That desire to please others and be everywhere for everyone…

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