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Daniela Paolone

You might not have gone to therapy before so the idea of coming in to see a therapist and share what is on your mind can be scary.  You probably already find it difficult to share how you feel with friends and family, so being vulnerable to someone you do not know can feel like a stretch.

While all of these feelings are normal, its also important to share that pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zones is when change happens.  So maybe this is the next step for you in moving toward life changes.  For many, taking this next courageous step is something they feel has been worth it and who knows maybe you will feel that way too.  To make an appointment you can reach me at 818 599-3048 or email me at [email protected]

About Me / My Services Q & A

What experience do you have?

I have worked as a therapist for the past seven years in many settings.  That includes working at a non-profit agency, in schools, and in private practice.  Before becoming a therapist though I worked as a teacher’s assistant and was also a behavioral coach for children with special needs.

I have also run batterer’s intervention groups that were court-ordered. Working with the courts and in rehabilitating perpetrators of domestic violence was rewarding work where I learned so much.  During that time I also provided counseling to victims of domestic violence and their families.

Do you have a degree?

I have a Masters of Science in Counseling Psychology with a Specialization in Latino Counseling.

(I have a Latina and Italian background and felt it was really important for me to take additional courses so that I could give support with greater cultural awareness.)

What do people come in to see you for the most?

Most of the time, clients come in to see me to work on managing their anxiety, stress and overwhelm with what is currently going on in their life.  They might also have a medical condition or chronic pain that is difficult to manage which is adding more stress and worry for them.  They also come in because they want to learn how to use Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) to cope with their day to day stresses.

How can you help me?

I offer clients a safe and comfortable space to really talk about what is causing them the most difficulty.  This may sound simple but oftentimes people are just too busy to stop and take a moment to really talk about what is on their mind.  So this can actually be a powerful experience.  I also provide tools and resources that can help people to feel more in control over what is troubling them.  This includes mindfulness and another technique called Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique).  You can read more about Tapping here.

What is your therapeutic style? 

My approach is interactive where we both talk and ask questions so that way conversation keeps flowing and we work toward your goals.  I will adjust my approach though to make sure that it compliments what you are looking for in our sessions together.  This is really a collaborative process and my ultimate goal is to help you feel supported and empowered so that you get the most out of our time together.

What are you passionate about? 

I am passionate about supporting those with chronic pain and illness because I live with health conditions and chronic pain myself.  My hope is to provide support and awareness wherever possible so I often give presentations in the community.  I have done interviews on these topics and you can find links to the interviews here and here.

I am also an animal lover, have an adorable cat, enjoy the outdoors, cooking and am always into some good food and wine. When in undergraduate school I minored in viticulture where I learned all about winemaking and the business side of the wine industry.


My Education:

  • Masters of Science in Counseling Psychology, Cal Lutheran University ~Thousand Oaks, CA (3000 hours training & practice for licensure)
  • Specialization in Latino Counseling, Cal Lutheran University ~ Thousand Oaks, CA


  • Domestic Violence Facilitator Certification for court-ordered groups ~ Anderson and Anderson Psychological Services


  • Emotional Freedom Technique Level I & II ~ Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques (AAMET)
  • Behavioral Sensory Integration
  • Pivotal Response Training
  • Cognitive Behavioral Techniques
  • Brain Gym – aka Educational Kinesiology
  • Mindfulness Based Practices
  • Brain Science for Mind/Body Healing