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I am Daniela Paolone and I am here to help because I get what its like to have an invisible illness.

Let's work together in a way that leaves you feeling empowered and in control of your circumstances.

I support those with anxiety, chronic pain and medical illness go from thinking that they have to pretend that everything’s fine, to a place of understanding that it’s okay to talk about their true feelings with those who won’t judge them or pity their circumstances.

This is something I am truly passionate about because I have lived with chronic pain and illness for the past decade and have gone through many of the emotional ups and downs in my own life.

My hope is to collaborate with you in a relatable way so that you get the right kind of support that will move you forward and help you reconnect with what you truly want out of life.


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Coping with situations you cannot control can be overwhelming.  So when faced with chronic pain and illness, it can be hard to see how one can adjust and be more resilient.  I share different ways to better cope and manage these feelings so that you can get back to living life with greater ease and comfort.
Families impacted by chronic pain and illness may find it difficult to adjust to these changing circumstances.  Here I share ways both parents and children can cope so that they can stay connected within the family.
Chronic pain and chronic illness affects so many. Here I talk about ways parents can support their child who has chronic pain and illness.  We also explore ways parents can support themselves if they have a pain or health condition that is interfering with their roles and responsibilities.
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chronic pain medical trauma
Living with an invisible illness can be challenging because it forces patients to be their own advocate.  Seeking answers and learning more about their mysteries illness is a journey that can be time consuming and an emotionally isolating process.